A Revolution in Rice Farming

Innovation meets tradition in the fields of Telangana. Ram Reddy, a third-generation Telangana farmer, faced the all-too-common challenges of fluctuating yields and uncertain profits. That was until he adapted ways of farming. Ram Reddy, a third-generation farmer, faced the all-too-common...

Insurance and Financial Empowerment for Sustainable Growth

In the fertile plains of Telangana, Ramu, a smallholder wheat farmer, faced the dual challenge of fluctuating market prices and seasonal floods. With a modest 3-hectare farm, his livelihood was precariously balanced on unpredictable elements. His fortunes changed upon joining...

Hydroponic Greenhouse Innovation in Israeli Agriculture

David L., a small farmer in Israel’s Negev region, faced challenges due to limitedland and water resources. In 2018, he embraced hydroponic farming, partnering withexperts to implement a customized hydroponic greenhouse system. The system,featuring vertical towers, automated climate control, water...

Navigating Climate Challenges with Technology

Krishna, managing a 5-hectare farm in Maharashtra, constantly battled against unpredictable weather. The introduction of Predictive Weather Alerts allowed him to significantly improve his crop survival rate by 30% during a severe drought. Additionally, by adapting to market price alerts,...

Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Practices

In Telangana, Sinu led more than 50 small and mid-sized farmers in adoptingSustainable Resource Management practices. This initiative resulted in acommunity-wide reduction in water consumption by up to 30% and a boost in cropyields by 15%. Sinu’s leadership not only...

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